My New Default DPS Spec!

•December 6, 2010 • 4 Comments

My Default RvR/PvE Spec:


Close Quarters: Your Cast times are reduced by 50% when you are within 20 ft from your target.

Reasoning: This tactic is good due to the fact when Melee classes get close your able to kill them in half the time. It really helps when you need to disarm a melee or tank hitting on you in .5 seconds instead of 1 second or using your ability Bolt of Change in 1.75 seconds instead of 3 seconds.

Endless Knowledge: Increases your Intelligence by 164.

Daemonic Withering: Withered Soul will now also cause the victim to suffer 15% more damage from all sources.

Reasoning: 15% more damage every 20 seconds this is a great tool for you and your party it’s one of the best tactics the Magus get.

Surging Power: Increases critical damage from Infernal Blast, Surging Violet Fire and Surge of Insanity by 50%.

Reasoning: Since Magus are pretty much critically hitting almost on every hit with good gear this is a great damage booster for those abilities.

My Mastery Abilities:

I will go 15 points up in the Havoc tree and 9 points in the Changing tree and I will get the following abilities

Perils of the Warp: You open a rift dealing 1006 Elemental damage and weakens the fabric of reality surrounding your target, disarming them for 3 seconds.

Reasoning: This ability is a great tool to use against Melee classes to make it so there unable to attack you for 3 seconds.

Bolt of Change: An un-defendable bolt of far traveling force that inflicts 1357 Elemental Damage.

Reasoning: An undefendable attack is great against any class it’s the hardest hitting spell we have capable of hitting around 4k when critically hit when having offensive Sov and glyph set.

Soul Leak Morale: Deals 2436 damage over 10 seconds and removes 50 Action Points every 2 seconds.

Reasoning: not really useful but good to have for when it’s up that way you can remove your targets AP.

Seed of Chaos: Grows a seed inside your target dealing 890 Spirit damage over 15 seconds. After this time expires or the target is kill, the seed will explode using the victims life force to deal 290 Spirit damage to all targets within 20 feet.

Reasoning: A great extra DoT to throw in there for a bit of extra damage.

Indigo Fire of Change: A horrible torrent of energy that deals 793 Spirit damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. Victims killed while bathed in this flame will return 120 Action Points over 6 seconds to you.

Reasoning: I use IFoC as the final ability on my rotation if they even last that long that way I regain a bit of AP for my final ability.

Renown Abilities: I go as many into Acumen as you can get for the extra Intelligence, I then put 3 points into Focused Power for the extra chance to Critically Hit. My Final ability I pick up is either Resolute Defense or Cleansing Wind depending on how many good melee or good ranged is on your server. Any extra points I just put into Fortitude or Vigor for the extra Hit Points or Toughness.


The first thing I do before anything is summon my pet and get up as much Unholy Empowerment as I can get before using my rotation. My rotation starts with Daemonic Fire which I have the addon Loyal Pet set to perform when I use my first DoT Baleful Transmogrification or Withered Soul I usually mix them up that way they don’t severe off my Withered Soul every time. Second in my rotation is Bolt of Change which will take about 3s to cast unless there in Close Quarters and then I will use Surging Violet Fire which hit’s in the same Global Second as Bolt of Change which makes an insane amount of damage around 5-6k damage with all the DoT Tics and abilities in that second after that I will use Indigo Fire of Change to finish them off if it’s even needed that way I regenerate a little bit of Action Points for my next rotation. If there tanks or just a high survivable player I will use most of my DoTs such as Seed of Chaos, Glean Magic and Infernal Blast if there close enough.

Tip One: if a Melee is one your targeting make sure to start off your cycle with your disarm Perils of the Warp

Tip Two: Make sure to hit Resolute defense if you see your going to get punt or pulled

Tip Three: Wait atleast 1-2 seconds if you can before using cleansing wind that way you can get off as many DoTs as possible

Tip Four: Make sure to stay as far back in the back lines as possible.

Tip Five: Always keep your Pink Horror up and close to you that way your able to use your debuffs and gain the damage buff.

Tip Six: Make sure to use Focused mind every time it’s up which should be around once a minute choose good players but non tanks when this Morale is up.

Tip Seven: Use your Morale Snare on Ranged and Melee Squishy Targets trying to run away.

Tip Eight Go out there and show Order what the true power of a magus can do in 2-3 seconds!

If you have any other questions or suggestions feel free to let me know!

Keagen’s Blog of the Magus is Back

•November 24, 2010 • 3 Comments

I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately with work slowing down due to the coming winter so I will be bringing back the Blog of the Magus with a bunch of new tips and tricks and setups for the new 1.4 Patch!

Balance Changes for the Magus

•June 30, 2010 • 3 Comments

Here are some of the following changes for the Magus I will explain what I think about them and how I will put them to use if I use them.

* The Pink Horror’s “Daemonic Fire” ability will now also reduce the victim’s Elemental Resistance (similar to the Engineer’s Gun Turret reducing the victim’s Armor). – I usually always do have the pink horror out just for the small extra damage and for the Instability but now I will really have a bigger reason to keep it out and make sure you have it on Defensive that way it debuffs the target you have selected.

* Perils of the Warp has been redesigned. It will now damage the target and Disarm them, similar to the Engineer’s Crack Shot. – This will be a useful ability when focused mind is up other than that the cast time is pretty long and does not do enough damage.

* Aegis of Orange Fire will now trigger from any attack, not just melee attacks, with a 25% chance. Its damage is increased, and the effectiveness of its Wounds buff has been doubled. – Amazing for both Rift spec and speced for dueling It was already a pretty boost in hp but the damage buff was definitely needed.

* Indigo Fire of Change will no longer summon a daemon. Instead, if the victim dies while Indigo Fire of Change is affecting them, the Magus will regain Indigo Fire’s full Action Point cost over 6 seconds. – Best change yet in my opinion no more uncontrollable horrors to wipe your party instead you get all your AP back now how amazing is that.

* Strengthen Thrall’s effectiveness has been greatly increased. – This was not needed why use this when you can just reset your timer on your pet by re summoning it.
* In addition to its current effects, Chaotic Attunement will now also make Resummon no longer cost any Action Points. – Not really worth a Tactic slot in my opinion.

Daemonic Rift Guide

•May 22, 2010 • 5 Comments

Tips: The skill Daemonic Rift is a skill they gave us as a support utility can be a very useful skill while running a survivability setup with gear and tactics.


1.) Close Quarters since they will of course always be within close range.

2.)Endless Knowledge always helps to have that extra boost in Intellegence when your stacking gear for survivability.

3.)Devour Energy 25% chance to gain 30 Action Points every 2 seconds when being in the front lines this will provide an extra clump of action points for you to use most of your abilities continually.

4.) Daemonic Pact Gain 164 Toughness when pet is summoned is excellent increase of toughness for your survivability.

Note: make sure you always keep up your pet make sure to keep him well hidden and when using Instability for the AoE Knockdown make sure to summon a new one as soon as possible.

Career Path:Career Build

Renown Path: Renown Build The last 5 points go into Resolute Defense. Alternate between that and Focused Mind to cancel out all crowd control while going in for the Chaotic Rift.

Gear Guide: Sovereign and Invader gear for the toughness bonuses.

Helm: Sovereign Barbute of the Daemonlord for the +3 Morale Per Second and socketed with a +23 or +24 Wounds Talisman

Shoulders: Sovereign Warpmantle of the Daemonlord for the 4% Reduction in being Critically Hit and slotted with a +4% Magical Crit Chance

Chest: Invader Nightrobe for the +60 HP every 4 seconds slotted with a +23 or +24 Wounds Talisman

Glove: Sovereign Bracers of the Daemonlord for the +4% Magical  Crit Chance

Belt: Invader Whipsash just to gain the invader set bonus

Boots: Invader Daemonspurs for the +30 Toughness

Cape: The Voidcloak of the Ulatap for the Magic bonus from the glyph set

Jewelry: Glyph Zuka for the Magic bonus from the glyph set

Jewlry: Glyph Ka for the Magic bonus from the glyph set

Jewelry: Sovereign Warp Orb of the Daemonlord to get the Toughness bonus

Jewelry: Flawless Symbol of Energy for the +30 Toughness and Wounds and the +3 AP Per Second

Tips Part 2: When rifting make sure to have you pet out and hidden before even going in for a rift when going in position for the rift make sure you call it out 5 seconds ahead of time to give your party time to get next to you and once you get in position resummon your pet use your Daemonic Rift and then cast instability  this combo has to be fast in order to keep them down and grouped up. Make sure to use Focused Mind or Resolute Defense before going in for the rift to avoid problems.


•May 2, 2010 • 5 Comments

Hello my readers I have finally obtained renown rank 80 so I will be getting a lot more done on here with some new guides and information about the Magus. Later today I will be working on a rift guide for survivability so stay tuned for some new guides!

Keagen OP?

•April 28, 2010 • 4 Comments

City testing tonight was great a rift magus is definitely a great necessity in the new cities It’s very good especially if you get the champion buff imagine rifting people into you casting your skill you gain and destroying them with your basic skills with 55.8k hp. I have never had this much fun in Warhammer as I had in this test so I will definitely be going in the Daemonology tree much more in this upcoming patch.

~Pic of Big Keagen.

New Updates

•April 26, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Implemented a new layout today with a new banner. Starting tomorrow I will be doing some tests on the new city system I’ll be uploading my information I gather I will be going Daemonology Spec for my guild.