Wild Changing Tests

Today I ran some tests on the additional 15% Crit chance and my tests have shown that they will show on extra 15% on the character window but they do not increase the chance to crit at all so for those Magi out there slotting Wild Changing right now you might want to take that off.

Here are some screen shots to prove this:

So start swapping out your Wild Changing Crit Tactic for something more useful Magi and get back to work!


~ by keagen on February 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Wild Changing Tests”

  1. Perhaps there is some sort of crit cap or maybe the talent is intermittently buggy, but I finally got a DPS meter running so I could verify this for myself and very definitely saw a flat 15% increase in my crit rate. My gear isn’t anywhere near as good as yours (just returned to the game after a long haitus) but I was critting at a 33% rate with the tactic and 18% without.

    I tested it by casting only Rend Winds on identical mobs until I did 75k damage or so and then again with Wild Changing slotted. Not nearly as long as it looks like you did, but the %crit numbers were very stable at that point.
    So for me at least, it looks like keeping the tactic slotted is worth it.

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