Guide on gear setups.

Squishy DPS gear setup with Excelsior Wards and Superior Wards:

Includes: Dark Promise Helmet for the 2% Reduced chance to be Disrupted, Warlord Shoulders for the 4% Reduction in being Critically hit, Warlord Chest for the 2% Reduced chance to be Disrupted, Warlord Gloves for the 3% Magical Crit Chance, Dark Promise belt, Dark Promise Boots for the 3% Crit Chance and my staff I choose to use is the Ninestaff of the Sandstorm for the +113 Magic Power bonus and the 5% Crit Chance with 3% Reduction in being Disrupted.

Survivability gear setup with Supreme Wards and Superior Wards:

Includes: Sovereign Helmet for the +3 Morale per Second, Sovereign Shoulders for the 4% Reduction in being Critically Hit, Invader Chest for the +60 Hit Points every 4 Seconds, Sovereign Gloves for the 4% Magical Crit Chance, Invader Belt and Invader Boots for the +30 Toughness

Note: I can’t use all my Sovereign gear quite yet so the visual screen shot shows me wearing Invader Helmet instead of wearing the Sovereign Helmet which I put my boots on to balance the Toughness bonuses.


~ by keagen on February 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “Guide on gear setups.”

  1. I don’t know about about endgame Intelligence of a Magi, but -% to be disrupted is likely to be always handy, though the 75 INT + 65 MP and 5% crit offer slightly more raw DPS. On that note I notice a lot of -% crit chance gear, I’ve tried it once for my SW, ultimately however it’s futile.

    Crit chances are additive (your chance to be crit + enemies chance to crit), and since the most DPS’ing classes have inbuild +35% you’ll get crit 50% of the time regardless of your crit chance. Close quarter SWs can push 50% easily, too. The average meele probably covers ~25% if not 30% with a lini making stacking minus crit fairly moot for RvR, unfortunately. The average player perhaps has 10 – 15% chance to be crit, which is also good to know when stacking crit oneself to see when diminishing return is likely to kick in.

    The point? None really. Just a little more incentive and room to fiddle around with the ideal setup.

  2. The disrupt gear really isn’t there just for disrupt there really just no better gear to slot for it at least until I start running 5 piece Sovereign 3 piece Dark Promise which will be in one half more of a renown rank. Actually the first gear setup isn’t for damage or Crit it’s for survivability and when I go against Run Like Hell melee heavy premades.

    On my main DPS set I do stack crit with the Dark Promise gear.

  3. Thanks, this well help out a lot once I get more of the gear.

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