My thoughts on the Magus

As of right now we are one of the least played classes due to lack of intelligence on the class everyone things we are a waste of a class and that we can not do enough DPS to be in a premade. I don’t believe any of that non sense we have tons of CCs and unique things we can do that really makes us a great asset to a party. What classes can do a AoE Knockdown for 4s? or even provide a 15% extra bonus damage to a single target? none. We are also able to pull off enough DPS and KBs to keep up with sorcs most of the time. I highly recommend people to try the class it’s a very fun class to play we are a little bit squishy but we are definitely a great asset to a party.



~ by keagen on February 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “My thoughts on the Magus”

  1. I agree.. Magi are underrated in perception of what the career can do.

  2. The hope is more people learn to play this class effectively. I am addicted to Hellora, and his presence in a group immediately changes it’s dynamic, always for the good.

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