Duel Guide: Melee

Melee Guide

Career Build and Tactics: Career Build Renown Build

Strategy Guide: Make sure to mix up this rotation a bit but I’m going to explain step by step on taking down Melee in a duel.

Step One: Make sure your pet is out before the duel it is a necessity during a duel and make sure to lay out a Dissolving Mist soon as the fight begins.

Step Two: Always make sure you use Withered Soul the 15% more damage really helps out on getting them down as fast as possible, you also want to use Baleful Transmogrification that extra tic of damage could be what you need to finish the enemy. Last but not least make sure you throw your Glean Magic in there somewhere the lower spirit resistance on them makes a big difference. Make sure when using these 3 DoTs to mix them up a bit, if you keep using the same rotation they will just keep severing off your Withered Soul DoT and it makes a big difference on your damage.

Step Three: Depending on how close they are to you by now is whether or not you want to use the Infernal Blast on them if they are already in melee range you want to make sure to go ahead and begin your Instability on them for that 3s Knockdown this is when you want to use your Indigo Fire of Change after they get back up and you finish your IFoC make sure to knock them back.

Step Four: After the knock back you will want to begin you killing blow rotation which includes the following Surge of Insanity try to base the usage of this spell on the spell graphics for there big damage or CC moves.  Another spell you want to stick in this KB rotation is Surging Violet Fire and then I just spam a few rend winds until IFoC cool down is up and then finish them off with that or another SVF.

Tip: Mix rotation up a bit and just get used to hitting those keys at the correct time and make sure to use your Aegis of Orange Fire as soon as you can get it off once your health gets low.


~ by keagen on March 18, 2010.

One Response to “Duel Guide: Melee”

  1. I have never beaten a Magus in a “true” duel with either my WL or AM…. they are crushing in 1 v 1’s.

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