Duel Guide: Ranged

Ranged Guide

Career Build and Tactics: Career Build Renown Build

Strategy Guide: Make sure to mix up this rotation a bit but I’m going to explain step by step on taking down Casters in a duel.

Step One: Make sure your pet is out before the duel it is a necessity during a duel.

Step Two: Once the fight begins you will want to start running towards the enemy depending on whether or not your using Daemonic Reach or Close Quarters you really want to mix it up to trick your opponent. Begin using your Withered Soul to increase your damage by 15%, then using Baleful Transmogrification and Glean Magic  to lower there Spirit Resistance. Make sure to mix up that cycle that way they don’t know what they are severing off themselves.

Step Three: Go ahead and use your Indigo Fire of Change wait until about 3 tics on it and they should be around 15-25% life start the next step.

Step Four: Start off this cycle by using Surging Violet Fire and continuing with a Surge of Insanity. After that either use another Indigo Fire of Change or a Surging Violet Fire.

Tip: Mix rotation up a bit and just get used to hitting those keys at the correct time and make sure to use your Aegis of Orange Fire as soon as you can get it off once your health gets low.

Tip: Make sure to stay as  close as you can if using Close Quarters this is basically a big DPS race, It’s really only a necessity to use Daemonic Reach if your opponent has more DPS then you then try to stay out of the range of his attacks and still be able to cast all your spells.



~ by keagen on March 25, 2010.

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