I’m back again.

I do apologize to all my fellow Magi out there I’ve been quite busy with work and getting signed up for next year of college but I’m back and I’ll be writing many more things about the Magus in these coming days.


~ by keagen on April 1, 2010.

5 Responses to “I’m back again.”

  1. Welcome back! Two quick questions from a semi-newb magus (40/39)

    1. You had a previous post on the wild changing tactic not working, but the comments suggested that it was and there was a cap? Has as anyone resolved this? I’m assuming the corresponding havoc tactic (and other professions like the knights encouraged aim) would have similar issues.

    2. Right now I’m changing/havoc spec, but have dropped dissolving mist for bolt of change (spec is http://www.wardb.com/career.aspx?id=16#9:512:12:672:0:0:25:563:8520:8513:8508), because I felt like all I was really doing was padding my damage and order’s healing totals. Do you find DM to really do useful pressure damage? I’ve chosen that spec since I’m basically solo pugging scenarios or orvr in annihilator-level gear, and it gives me a fair number of long range options to work with. Suggested improvements would be welcome.

    • Answered your first question in my new blog and for the second I usually just use Dissolving Mist in duels against Melee. It is a good choice to just go up the havoc tree more or do what you have done and picked up BoC the only negative thing about BoC it’s hard to find the 3 seconds to fit that in your cycle.

  2. hey keagen, nice work on the blog so far. get your ass to 80 so we can see your sexy sovereign gears

  3. Hey, I was wondering if you were on the Gorfang server? I think I just got my butt kicked by your team in scenario. I’m an Engineer by the name of Shotgunpete. I also play a magus also on Badlands.

  4. Yeah that’s me, I’m Keagen Greatfury on Gorfang.

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