Final Tests on Wild Changing Crit Tactic

Well it turns out every DPS Meter I have tried has given me the same answers that they do not show the correct amount of Crit. What I did to further research this is use tons of spells on both Order and the Bloodied Combatants in Reikland and they both showed the same answers that the Crit Tactic Wild Changing is not very useful on a IFoC spell I would get around 3 Critical Hit’s through the cycle with the tactic and without the tactic so the answer still goes with slot something different. I wrote the tests on paper or I would place them online for you all to see hopefully one day we get a accurate DPS Meter that will show are Critical Hit’s.

~ by keagen on April 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Final Tests on Wild Changing Crit Tactic”

  1. Have you tried the Combat Parser? (e.g:

    If not you might want to read through this:

    and give it a shot.

    Deaths seem to be inaccurate (obviously must died during a whole month), everything else however looks highly accurate 😉

  2. Hi Keagen,

    Thanks for this, seems now I’ll have room for slotting some other tactics I’ve been meaning to use.

    Speaking of tactics, I’ve asked this question to some magi and all have been unable to provide a definitive answer.

    Do the “Fiery Winds” and “Changer’s Blessing” tactics work together, i.e., if you hit three targets with SVF will you be healed for half of the damage dealt to all three?


  3. Hi there,

    I am using Tortall DPS meter and my usualy week-long log convinced me that the tactic is indeed uplifting the whole 2nd spec branch crits (44% instead of 29 for other spells) including IFoC.
    I consider it a must have, can’t deal without it.
    nb: rvr data, not doing much of pve.


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