Daemonic Rift Guide

Tips: The skill Daemonic Rift is a skill they gave us as a support utility can be a very useful skill while running a survivability setup with gear and tactics.


1.) Close Quarters since they will of course always be within close range.

2.)Endless Knowledge always helps to have that extra boost in Intellegence when your stacking gear for survivability.

3.)Devour Energy 25% chance to gain 30 Action Points every 2 seconds when being in the front lines this will provide an extra clump of action points for you to use most of your abilities continually.

4.) Daemonic Pact Gain 164 Toughness when pet is summoned is excellent increase of toughness for your survivability.

Note: make sure you always keep up your pet make sure to keep him well hidden and when using Instability for the AoE Knockdown make sure to summon a new one as soon as possible.

Career Path:Career Build

Renown Path: Renown Build The last 5 points go into Resolute Defense. Alternate between that and Focused Mind to cancel out all crowd control while going in for the Chaotic Rift.

Gear Guide: Sovereign and Invader gear for the toughness bonuses.

Helm: Sovereign Barbute of the Daemonlord for the +3 Morale Per Second and socketed with a +23 or +24 Wounds Talisman

Shoulders: Sovereign Warpmantle of the Daemonlord for the 4% Reduction in being Critically Hit and slotted with a +4% Magical Crit Chance

Chest: Invader Nightrobe for the +60 HP every 4 seconds slotted with a +23 or +24 Wounds Talisman

Glove: Sovereign Bracers of the Daemonlord for the +4% Magical  Crit Chance

Belt: Invader Whipsash just to gain the invader set bonus

Boots: Invader Daemonspurs for the +30 Toughness

Cape: The Voidcloak of the Ulatap for the Magic bonus from the glyph set

Jewelry: Glyph Zuka for the Magic bonus from the glyph set

Jewlry: Glyph Ka for the Magic bonus from the glyph set

Jewelry: Sovereign Warp Orb of the Daemonlord to get the Toughness bonus

Jewelry: Flawless Symbol of Energy for the +30 Toughness and Wounds and the +3 AP Per Second

Tips Part 2: When rifting make sure to have you pet out and hidden before even going in for a rift when going in position for the rift make sure you call it out 5 seconds ahead of time to give your party time to get next to you and once you get in position resummon your pet use your Daemonic Rift and then cast instability  this combo has to be fast in order to keep them down and grouped up. Make sure to use Focused Mind or Resolute Defense before going in for the rift to avoid problems.


~ by keagen on May 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Daemonic Rift Guide”

  1. Hmm I hadn’t seriously considered using Daemonic Pact, it was one of those tactics I just sorta wrote off without much thought.

    I’ve not played rift bot for a while, you’ve gone and tempted me you bugger 😀

  2. Weird. It sounds like you are talking about a BW setup. I never realized our tactics, and stuff are pretty similar.

  3. If I had a nickel for each time I came to keagen.wordpress.com! Incredible writing!

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