My Default RvR/PvE Spec:

My spec includes the following tactics Endless Knowledge for the Intellgence bonus, Close Quarters for the 25% more damage, Daemonic Withering for the 15% more damage with Withered Soul DoT and Wild Changing for the 15% additional Crit. For my Career Path I go all the way up the changing tree and get the following Daemonic Scream Morale, Dissolving mist for the extra DoT AoE DPS, Crit Tactic for the 15% and Indigo Fire of Change witch is the biggest DPS spell we have right now usually I will throw withered soul then glean magic my target then throw this ability on them witch makes me usually able to kill dps and healer classes in 3-4 hits with my crits. For the rest of my points I usually just go up into the Havoc tree unless it’s more of a survivability spec I will go up the Daemonology tree and get Aegis of Orange Fire and use that with my potions that way i can regain about 5k hp when needed and I will get the tactic Daemonic Pact for the gigantic buff on toughness if I have my pet out and will usually swap that out for Enless Knowledge.    My gear setup is really based off of who is in the scenario if they have alot of melee classes I will usually use my 4 piece Sovereign    3 piece Invader for the Toughness bonuses if it’s a caster or tank based sc I will usually go with my 3 piece Dark Promise and 4 piece Warlord for the wounds and magic crit bonuses. Basically in my opinion I would recommend rolling with toughness against melee heavy parties and wounds magic crit against casters and tank heavy parties. For my renown path I usually do 4 Int first then 4 into int and willpower 3 into my crit and the rest into wounds.

My strategies on using this spec are always lay your withered soul and Baleful Transmogrification  on the enemies first then you want to throw your spirit debuff glean magic after that lay your AoE DoTs unless your just going for one enemy then you want to stick to gleaning them and throwing Indigo Fire of Change on them and when there about 10% life use your Surging Violet Fire or if that on cool down use your Surge of Insanity.

Thats How It’s Done!



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